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The Drill

winkie drill

Lightweight and compact, the Winkie Drill is particularly suited to drilling in the most remote locations: high mountains, deserts, arctic tundra, and dense jungles.

The Winkie Drill is a gas powered drill which can be carried by pickup truck, mule back, helicopter or two men into the most difficult terrain.

With lightweight drill rods, it has the capacity to drill 475 feet using E size tools. Total weight of the drill and Unipress frame is 185 pounds (84.1 kg.) This time-proven design makes minimal environmental impact. It will operate from sea-level to high altitudes.

Variable drilling speeds, using a two-speed transmission, allow the Winkie Drill to operate efficiently. This is the lightest gear-shift diamond drill in operation today.

The Winkie tripod with its winch helps to increase the production rate and results in lowered fatigue for the drill crew.

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Technical Specifications

Power Unit

Gasoline, 2-Cycle, Air-Cooled Engine


10 hp @ 8400 rpm

Gear Shift Transmission

Oil Bath

Type of Feed

Unipress Hand Feed



Maximum Bit Speed

High Speed 2800 rpm | Low Speed 1200 rpm


Winkie Drill: 85 lbs. | Unipress: 100 lbs.

Rated Drilling Capability

Core Barrel Size

Core Diameter

Hole Diameter

Depth Capacity

E Size
Thin Kerf IEWS




A Size
Thin Kerf AW34




Downloadable Parts Manual

winkie parts 1 (pdf) winkie parts 2 (pdf) winkie parts 3 (pdf) winkie parts 5 (pdf)

Winkie Drill History

First designed and produced in the 1950's, this is one drill that had stood the test of time. The Winkie Drill is manufactured in Minnesota, exclusively by Minex.

Simple but surprisingly effective, the small, portable, gas-powered coring drill has been a requisite tool used in remote locations around the world for over 40 years.

The JKS Winkie drill was originally designed by Fred Wink and sold by JKS Smit and JKS Boyles. Despite the passage of time, it has avoided obsolescence, and remains a critical tool in the most challenging of drilling situations.

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