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Survey Tools

Minex currently carries the top industry tools from 2 major manufactures; DEVICO and ISGYRO. Our selections for each manufacturer are listed below.


Devi Drill

The DeviDrill directional wireline operated core barrel has been used with great success both within the mining and construction industries, worldwide. The ability to steer a borehole provides great benefits for prospecting deep ore bodies, avoiding natural deviation, keeping the borehole within given limits, or hitting the targets with high accuracy.

devi drillThe DeviDrill reduces the cost of exploration drilling programs by hitting targets quicker and more accurately than with traditional core drilling methods. By making multiple branches from a mother-hole it dramatically reduces both the time spent and the cost, and, in addition, you get the geological information from wherever you want.
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Magnetic multishot for blastholes

Devico's fleet of survey instruments includes magnetic, as well as non-magnetic, electronic multishot instruments. This range of survey tools covers open hole surveys as well as surveys inside drill rods or geomagnetic disturbed environments.

devi toolThe small, rugged, and powerful tool that can withstand the highest pressures and is perfect for surveying blast holes. Now with a brand new DeviSoft software version.

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Devi Soft

devi soft

Devico's borehole software is an excellent tool for planning and analyzing borehole trajectories. By following a few simple steps, advanced drilling programs can be created, and all the information necessary for execution is provided. During the drilling process the plan can be continuously updated by borehole surveys.

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Devi Core

Continuous core orientation is now possible with the newly developed DeviCore. The DeviCore scratches the core as it enters the inner tube and logs the position of the scratches with high accuracy. This provides continuous information on the orientation of the core.

devi coreThe DeviCore BBT is the latest core orientation innovation from Devico. The DeviCore BBT represents an integration of the patent pending Brilliant Blue™ technology and other proprietary Devico technologies.

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The DeviShot is designed with user-friendliness in mind and comes assembled and ready for use straight from the box. The integrated running gear enables operation at great depths, while an efficient BBT activation system ensures minimal power consumption and long battery life.

The DeviShot comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and the highly flexible DeviSoft.Mobile software. It can be used in most situations and will for instance easily operate as single shot, multi shot, with constant or variable depth interval, and for surveying in and/or out.

DeviShot-The most innovative multishot survey tool on the market
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Devi Flex

Survey inside your rods - Quick, Fast and Simple

If you know how to run your inner tube, you know how to run your DeviFlex. It is THAT easy. DeviFlex is a non-magnetic electronic multishot for surveying inside casings and drill strings, simply by using the wireline system. Magnetic disturbances will not influence the tool at all, and it is simple to use. Just pump the tool into the hole and pull it out at given intervals. No adjustments are necessary.

devi flexIf you know how to run your inner tube, you know how to run your DeviFlex. It is THAT easy.

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DeviSight Surface is non magnetic GPS compass for surface alignment application True North Azimuth, DIP, latitude and longitude coordinates.

The DeviSight is a portable battery operated system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North azimuth, tilt and roll planes at drill sites. The DeviSight is the most accurate and easy system available on the market. The instrument uses GPS carrier phase measurements to accomplish the azimuth alignment. The collar azimuth data can easily be transferred by WI-FI.

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MEMS memory rate gyro system: The isGyro is a user-friendly borehole survey tool that offers you high accuracy in mining and geotechnical applications. Download and processing times are fast and the tool can survey for up to 16 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. The simple set-up saves valuable site-time and potential sources of human error are significantly reduced. The modular design of the tool minimizes repair times and cost.

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High-speed data transfer and processing: The isGyro delivers accurate results at high speed: 1 hour's worth of survey data is processed in seconds while data download requires just 4 minutes. This is achieved by our unique combination of advanced sensors, microprocessor systems, efficient data collection and processing techniques.

isAnalysis - versatile analysis software: isAnalysis software allows users to visualize, edit, correct, group and export their survey data. It can also import data from other surveying tools, Excel spreadsheets or text files. This allows easy addition of data from other tools and reference data to create a single exported spreadsheet. isGyro surveys can also be reprocessed in a batch. All data is quickly regenerated by the single click of a button, with automatic updating of all tables and charts.

Minimal software footprint: The installers for the isGyro software are small and transferring the installers and updating software from Inertial Sensing is fast and simple. Everything required is in the installer. Even the export of Excel spreadsheets does not require Excel to be installed on the computer. All software runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit).

Powerful Survey Tools

Minex has the industry's top survey tools for rent or sale. From magnetic, non-magnetic, core orientation and azimuth aligners, we have the tools you need for your project.

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